About US

Welcome to Dr.Fish!

Dr.Fish was established in 2009 in the “Flower City” —— Guangzhou, a young company composed of a group of youngsters who were born after 80s. As a light company, “TO MAKE THE COMPANY SMALLER, TO MAKE THE CUSTOMERS LARGER” is the idea of our development.

We are engaged in providing customers sport and household products of cost-effective, colored-life, making people’s life become easier and far more interesting.

We focused on outdoor sports at the beginning of our business, especially the fishing tackles can bring people to the heaven of infinite joy. We are grateful that our team is becoming stronger with our hardworking. Since the growing number of our e-stores are getting larger, the road to all around the world is getting wider, we have established a long-term friendly business relationship with customers and dealers in more than 100 countries worldwide.

At the same time, we also provide various types of outdoor items to customers with high-quality and cost-effective. The customer service is always our foothold and it has been widely recognized by customers.

In the face of fierce competition, our company system is constantly being improved, relying on science and technology, continuously improve the technology content of products sold, for society, customers and companies to create a higher market value.

In the future, we will devote ourselves to create more plentiful products for customers, shipping them to their hands with the way of higher-efficiency. Our service aim is not only making more people live easier, but also making them take a lower cost to enjoy the best fun.